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Karl Lefevre is an Art Director for video and photography. He works on commercial and narrative projects in primarily in Washington, Oregon and California. His skills include art direction, set design/pre-vis, set building, graphic design, scenic painting and food styling as well as fabricating surfaces for product photography.

Location Experience: Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Houston, Alaska, Florida, Jamaica, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Nicaragua


Karl is also a Digital Production Designer producing digital graphics as well as optimizing pixel and vector based assets across platforms. He most recently worked for Amazon and his projects included supporting Prime Day in 2020 - 2023 across global locales. He also created digital assets, agency decks, internal marketing and brand explorations for the Alexa Shopping team.

Karl was nominated for a 2021 Daytime Emmy award for Outstanding Art Direction for his work on season 2 of Trinkets for Netflix.


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Amazon, Microsoft, Holland America Cruises, Aviation Gin, Alaska Airlines, Nike, AT&T, Seattle Seahawks, Ed Sheeran, Macklemore, WA Lottery, T-Mobile, ODESZA, Iron & Wine, Thunderpussy, Red Lobster, Dick's Sporting Goods, Bing,

7-Eleven, Skype, Dr Pepper, Goldieblox


Disney, Freeform, HBO, Crypt TV, Warner Brothers, Hulu, Netflix, TBS, Viacom, Broadway Video, Amazon, Adult Swim

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