Nike "House of Hoops - Built By The Game" (2020 Cycle Media commercial)

F5 Studio (2020 studio set build)

WA Lottery "Shredded" (2019 Curator Pictures commercial)

Human (2019 Curator Pictures commercial)

Nike "House of Hoops - Kevin Durant" (2019 Cycle Media commercial)

New York Times Magazine "Rick Steves" (2019 NY Times cover photo)

Starbucks "Pupbucks" (2019 Lustre commercial)

Nike "House of Hoops - LeBron Watch" (2019 Laundry Service commercial)

WA Lottery "Make It Reindeer" (2018 Lustre Communications commercial)

Amazon "Showroom" (2018 Okay Bro commercial)

Amazon Fire TV "Fran" (2018 Strange & Wonderful commercial)

Microsoft Surface (2018 Run Studios commercial)

Credit Sesame "Success Story", "Numbers", Free" (2018 Urban Legend commercial)

Amazon "Does It Smart Home"  (2018 Unheard Of commercial)

Seattle SuperSonics "Bring 'Em Back"  (2018 Unheard Of commercial)

Amazon Fire TV "Cardboard"  (2018 Wild Gravity commercial)

Nordstrom  (2018 Nordstrom Photography studio set build)

Robinhood (2018 Films commercial)

Credit Sesame (2017 Urban Legend commercial)

Toyota (2017 Strader Films commercial)

Fred Hutchinson Gala Opening Video (2017 Str8Films commercial)

Microsoft "Journey" (2017 Lustre Communications commercial)

WA Lottery "Welcome to the DOI" (2017 Unheard Of commercial)

Amazon Firestick (2016 Curator Pictures commercial)

WA Lottery "Game Show" (2016 Curator Pictures commercial)

Google "It Takes a Teacher" (2016 Little Moving Pictures commercial)

Semaphor (2016 Strange & Wonderful commercial)

XBox "Forza Horizon 3" (2016 Workhouse Creative commercial)

Acer "Predator" and "Team Players" (2016 Rational Interaction commercials)

Alaska Airlines "The Face on the Tail" (2015 Curator Pictures commercial) 

Brightline "All-Aboard" (2015 We Are Royale commercial)

Amazon KindleKids "WordWise" (2015 Amazon Creative Services commercial)

Seattle Seahawks Pro Shop (2015 Curator Pictures commercial)

AT&T "Owen" (2015 World Famous commercial)

Amazon "Pets" (2015 Amazon Creative Services commercial)

Microsoft "One Drive Photo Experience" (2015 PBJS commercial)

Amazon Kindle (2015 Amazon Creative Services commercial)

Amazon Business (2015 Amazon Creative Services/Media Mob commercial)

Amazon Treasure Truck (2015 Amazon Creative Services/Media Mob commercial)

Amazon eTextbooks "Study Smarter, Not Harder"  (2014 Amazon Creative Services/ Media Mob commercial)

Schick Razors "Hydro Challenge" (2014 College Humor commercial)



Belucci Olive Oil  (2017 commercial) Prop Master/Food Stylist

Nike "Make 'Em Miss"  (2017 commercial) Assistant Propery Master

Alaska Airlines (2016 Caviar/Mekanism commercial) Property Master

Lenscrafters "Vision" (2016 Workhouse Creative commercial) Property Master

#Listen2YourSelfie.ORG "Note2Selfie" (2015 Workhouse Creative commercial) Property Master

Dick's Sporting Goods "Gifts That Matter" (2015 Pretty Bird commercial) Assistant Property Master

Double Down Casino (2015 Strange & Wonderful commercial) Property Master

Deadliest Catch Brand Shoot (2015 Discovery Channel commercial) Property Master

Skype (2015 World Famous commercial) Property Master

Microsoft "Cube" (2015 World Famous commercial) Property Master

On Deck (2015 Urban Legand commercial) Property Master

Red Lobster "Epic Moments" (2015 Lustre Communications commercial) Prop Assistant/Graphics

7-Eleven "Cupheads" (2015 Strange & Wonderful commercial) Property Master

Bing "Vision" (2015 Strange & Wonderful commercial) Property Master/Graphics

Dr Pepper "Larry Coaches the Store" (2014 Caviar commercial)  Property Master

Goldieblox vs Big Sister Machine (2014 Goldieblox commercial)  Property Master

WA HealthPlanFinder "Fly Baby Bird" and "Hospital Billz"(2014 Smugglers commercial)  Property Master



Bose "Devoted" (2017 SKAAR commercial)  Leadman

SonoSite (2015 SKAAR Photography catelogue shoot)  Lead Carpenter/Set Decorator

Microsoft SBC (2015 Von Piglet commercial)  Set Dresser

Nissan "Joy Ride" (2015 Imperial Woodpecker commercial)  Set Dresser

Why We Built It (2014 World Famous commercial)  Set Dec Buyer

XBox "Vision" (2014 Strange & Wonderful commercial)  Set Dresser/Graphics

Ivar’s 75th Celebration (2013 Urban Legend commercial)  Set Dresser

Eddie Bauer Home Catalogue (2012 still photography shoot)  Set Dresser/Scenic Painter

Microsoft Xbox Kinect (2011 Run Studios commercial)  Set Dresser                                            



Production Design

Art Direction

Graphic Design

On-Set Props

Prop Design/Fabrication

Prop/Set Dressing Sourcing

Food Styling

Scenic Painting


Set Decoration

Interior Design



Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop





Amazon Vendor

Microsoft Vendor

Knox College​  (Galesburg, IL)

BA in Visual Culture

Minor in Theatre Scenic Design